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September started out bad but got better
After recovering from 3 Trojans that compromised my operating system, on the first of the month, a user on DeviantART blocked me for mass favoriting. I was not doing it to spam or harass. All because of that, I thought nobody cared and that I was not worth it so I deactivated my account. I was unable to return until 2 days later. On FurAffinity, people started getting concerned of my disappearance on DA and after realizing I have unfinished business on DA before the concerns, I decided to reactivate my account when the 2 days were up.

On the 9th of September, I received my Flexibears Beginner Set in the mail. The set had 2 pieces extra, 4 pieces missing, and no instructions. I was able to replace the 4 missing pieces but not the instructions.

On the 24th, I went to the town wide yard sales. I bought a container of LEGO bricks, a Minnie Mouse doll, 5 VHS tapes, a copy of Pokemon Red Version, and a Casio Casiotone MT-100 keyboard.

<a href=";current=Picture22.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Town Wide Yard Sales 9-24-"></a>

I have been re-learning how to play it ever since the keyboards I have were put away in the storage shed and never brought back out.

The rest of the month is going well and I have moved on and not worried about the DA user who blacklisted anymore.


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