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The past 7 days: The week of my birthday
On Saturday, I went to the Town Wide Yard Sales in Stewardson and I was hoping I would see the seller of the Betamax VCR again but he did not have a yard sale this time. I did buy 2 cans of generic, Chinese-made Lincoln Logs and a working VHS copy of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

On Monday, it was my birthday. I had plans on making a bid on a Sanyo Betacord VCR 4600 from 1984 but I got outbid on the last second. I tried again when I found the Sanyo Betacord VCR 4650 from 1984 and I won the auction. I was unable to buy any Beta tapes or the tune-up kit until the first of next month. I had all kinds of happy birthday shouts on FurAffinity, DeviantART, Twitter, and Facebook. For dinner, I had chow mein and I had cake and ice cream for dessert. A friend brought me some cookies.

Today, I received my Sanyo Beta machine in the mail and I forgot about how big and heavy those old VCR's are.


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