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Happy New Year!
I did have many slips and falls in 2010 that made me really go downhill and I am hoping for better luck in 2011. Before kicking of the new year, I did get 3 early Christmas gifts, 2 actual Christmas gifts, and some late Christmas gifts. I got a vintage 450 Piece LEGO set made by Samsonite in 1966, a Flexiswivels 64 Piece Set from 1992, and a pair of black vinyl jeans to start construction of my Henry Takamoto costume with. For Christmas, I got both Bill & Ted movies and a 2010 Wireless Solution PowerZone 8 bit game system. My late gifts were a sweatshirt, a hat, a scarf, and some candy.

Outside of the presents I got for Christmas, I made a group gift art featuring 25 of my FurAffinity friends and a new one to kick off the new year

I had fun drawing those ones! ;)

Wishing the best of luck in 2011! :)


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