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Back after a long vacation
I have been gone since the middle of April and I have had interesting events happen while I was away.

In April, Flexitoys Owner Reid Bennett called me on the phone and we talked about Flexiblocks history. This was just as interesting as reading The Ultimate LEGO Book, which I got for Christmas in 1999. Also, I started playing a lot of neat games on Facebook ever since I joined on March 29.

In May, I have turned 25 on the 9th. I bought a BTR set, some little plastic tiles (belonging to a game?), a Fisher-Price Phonograph, and a Sony VCR at the Town Wide Yard Sale in Stewardson. I started missing talking to my online friends on the last 3 days of the month. I did win the Discovery Toys #2026 Flexiblocks set on eBay on May 30 and I am waiting on the package to arrive.

In June, I started talking to my friends again and I became very happy. Just today, I found out that rogueamp's old YouTube channel RogueWatch got reinstated and I started watching his old videos again.


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