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hamsterdrum85's Journal

Dean Rumsey
9 May
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I was born in San Jose, Jose California, on May 9, 1985. I moved to Stewardson, Illinois, in July, 1987. I was diagnosed with autism at the age of four. I am a Class of 2004 graduate of Stewardson-Strasburg High School. I am a Lake Land College Student. I am doing original art and music projects in my spare time. I am a former drummer in a rock band. I became a furry in 2007 and joined furry sites in 2010. Throughout the years I have been having many interests.
"weird al" yankovic, 80s commercials, 80s music, 90s commercials, american plastic bricks, animation, anime, arcade games, arthur read, as-seen-on-tv toys, asia, awa wrestling, berry bears, beta, betamax, better blocks, bill & ted, body slam, bon jovi, bravestarr, captain power, cartooning, cartoons, castlevania, costume design, crash dummies, def leppard, deviantart, documentaries, dracula's curse, drawing, dungeons & dragons cartoon, dynaman, encyclopedias, facebook, fbi warnings, fender stratocaster, firehouse, flexiblocks, furaffinity, furries, furry, furry fandom, furspace, fursuit design, fursuiting, fursuits, gearios, ghostbusters, ghostbusters 2, gibson les paul, grease 2, hamer scarab, hamtaro, inkbunny, italo disco, jai alai, k'nex, kajagoogoo, legend, lego, lethal weapon, letter people, linndrum, little wizards, logos, mega bloks, mega man, memorymoog, minimoog, music, myspace, mysterious cities of gold, nickelodeon, night flight, non-fiction books, noozles, nostalgia, nwa wrestling, oberheim dmx, oberheim four voice, oberheim ob-xa, paiste symphonic gongs, parodies, penelope pitstop, pinwheel, playskool bricks, pokemon, power rangers, public service announcements, quantum leap, researching malware, richard scarry, rick allen, rick savage, rick springfield, rodents, roland jupiter-8, roland tr-808, rugrats, rupert bear, sds5, sds7, sdsv, sentai, signs, simmons drums, simmons electronic drums, simon's quest, sofurry, spiral zone, star trek, star wars, synthesizers, tears for fears, tetris, the cars, the goonies, the little koala, the littles, the moody blues, the real ghostbusters, the wiggles, the wizard, tremors, twitter, tyco super blocks, unifix cubes, uswa wrestling, vanilla ice, vcr, vcrs, vhs, video formats, videotape formats, visionaries, voltron, wcw wrestling, wheeled warriors, world class championship wrestling, wwf wrestling, yamaha dx-21, yamaha dx-7, ycdtotv, youtube, youtube poop, zildjian cymbals