September started out bad but got better
After recovering from 3 Trojans that compromised my operating system, on the first of the month, a user on DeviantART blocked me for mass favoriting. I was not doing it to spam or harass. All because of that, I thought nobody cared and that I was not worth it so I deactivated my account. I was unable to return until 2 days later. On FurAffinity, people started getting concerned of my disappearance on DA and after realizing I have unfinished business on DA before the concerns, I decided to reactivate my account when the 2 days were up.

On the 9th of September, I received my Flexibears Beginner Set in the mail. The set had 2 pieces extra, 4 pieces missing, and no instructions. I was able to replace the 4 missing pieces but not the instructions.

On the 24th, I went to the town wide yard sales. I bought a container of LEGO bricks, a Minnie Mouse doll, 5 VHS tapes, a copy of Pokemon Red Version, and a Casio Casiotone MT-100 keyboard.

<a href=";current=Picture22.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Town Wide Yard Sales 9-24-"></a>

I have been re-learning how to play it ever since the keyboards I have were put away in the storage shed and never brought back out.

The rest of the month is going well and I have moved on and not worried about the DA user who blacklisted anymore.

A fine rest of the month
I am enjoying the rest of the month of May despite the stress I am under thus far.

On May 19, I made my third free art for one of my friends and I experimented with techniques I never tried before such as the smoke machine effect with a transparent paintbrush tool on Photoshop

On May 24, I was working on a new original song that I will hopefully be putting a vocal track on and later upload it to FA.

Sometime before May 25, I was working on a new DeviantART icon and had trouble with uploading it because I later found out the icon has to be exactly 50 x 50 pixels - no bigger, no smaller. On the 25th, I uploaded a large version of my new animated icon for DA

On May 30th, two of my friends had birthdays and I uploaded these 2 birthday gifts and they liked them

As of June 1, I am hoping to get the replacement belts, tires, and idler for my Sanyo Betacord VCR and some tapes for my VCR to play. I am also hoping to get the last 3 slots of my gift art filled and whatever I need to get caught up with caught up with before I open new slots in September. I am not sure if there is going to be a swap meet on the last weekend of June or not and if there is, I hope there will be some good stuff there. I do really hope things this year will be better than they were last year.

The past 7 days: The week of my birthday
On Saturday, I went to the Town Wide Yard Sales in Stewardson and I was hoping I would see the seller of the Betamax VCR again but he did not have a yard sale this time. I did buy 2 cans of generic, Chinese-made Lincoln Logs and a working VHS copy of Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

On Monday, it was my birthday. I had plans on making a bid on a Sanyo Betacord VCR 4600 from 1984 but I got outbid on the last second. I tried again when I found the Sanyo Betacord VCR 4650 from 1984 and I won the auction. I was unable to buy any Beta tapes or the tune-up kit until the first of next month. I had all kinds of happy birthday shouts on FurAffinity, DeviantART, Twitter, and Facebook. For dinner, I had chow mein and I had cake and ice cream for dessert. A friend brought me some cookies.

Today, I received my Sanyo Beta machine in the mail and I forgot about how big and heavy those old VCR's are.

Happy New Year!
I did have many slips and falls in 2010 that made me really go downhill and I am hoping for better luck in 2011. Before kicking of the new year, I did get 3 early Christmas gifts, 2 actual Christmas gifts, and some late Christmas gifts. I got a vintage 450 Piece LEGO set made by Samsonite in 1966, a Flexiswivels 64 Piece Set from 1992, and a pair of black vinyl jeans to start construction of my Henry Takamoto costume with. For Christmas, I got both Bill & Ted movies and a 2010 Wireless Solution PowerZone 8 bit game system. My late gifts were a sweatshirt, a hat, a scarf, and some candy.

Outside of the presents I got for Christmas, I made a group gift art featuring 25 of my FurAffinity friends and a new one to kick off the new year

I had fun drawing those ones! ;)

Wishing the best of luck in 2011! :)

Looking back at the places I have visited up to 2004
<img src=",s,336699&chco=d0d0d0,cc0000&chd=s:999999999999999999999&chld=ALAZARCACONMTXNVFLGAILINKSKYLAMSMOPAUTTNOK" width="440" height="220" ><br/>visited 21 states (42%)<br/><a href="">Create your own visited map of The United States</a>

Computer trouble
My computer crashed again and I am afraid of what will happen after reintalling Windows for the second time today. I am scared that my computer had enough and will not last much longer and it will have to be replaced.

Back after a long vacation
I have been gone since the middle of April and I have had interesting events happen while I was away.

In April, Flexitoys Owner Reid Bennett called me on the phone and we talked about Flexiblocks history. This was just as interesting as reading The Ultimate LEGO Book, which I got for Christmas in 1999. Also, I started playing a lot of neat games on Facebook ever since I joined on March 29.

In May, I have turned 25 on the 9th. I bought a BTR set, some little plastic tiles (belonging to a game?), a Fisher-Price Phonograph, and a Sony VCR at the Town Wide Yard Sale in Stewardson. I started missing talking to my online friends on the last 3 days of the month. I did win the Discovery Toys #2026 Flexiblocks set on eBay on May 30 and I am waiting on the package to arrive.

In June, I started talking to my friends again and I became very happy. Just today, I found out that rogueamp's old YouTube channel RogueWatch got reinstated and I started watching his old videos again.

A fair week as far as I know
I got my Nasco Early Learning catalog in the mail and I wanted the Flexiblocks Jumbo Set from it. Pretty good price, too.

I got my other two Summit Learning catalogs in the mail.

I uploaded a new pic to Fur Affinity and I agreed that it was cute.

I helped my brother build his new computer and I will be moving to another computer.

I have made a change of plans for what Flexiblocks set I am wanting to get and would get a new set from Nasco later. I found a used set from 1988.

A great rest of the week
I received my Kaplan and Lakeshore teaching supply catalogs in the mail.

YER0CKY subscribed to my YouTube Channel.

I found out that my other Summit Learning catalogs did not arrive because of an error and they are sending them to me.
I started uploading materials to Fur Affinity. I uploaded a pic and 2 songs.

I noticed that ABC Kids reshowed my favorite MMPR episode called "Food Fight" (I just saw that one last Saturday)
I uploaded 2 new pics and 1 new song to Fur Affinity.
Ricky Molina became friends with me on MySpace.
DustRunner became friends with me on FA, who really liked my music I uploaded to the site.

Feeling better than before
Today, I have not have any trouble with anymore copyright issues and I have learned that Cookie Jar does not want their content on Dailymotion for the same reason Viacom and WMG don't want their materials on YouTube. My jaw is still hurting but not as bad as it was yesterday. app12alt joined in the chat with Erik Mokracek and I showed him to the Yahoo! Group Video Game Castle. I uploaded 2 new videos to YouTube - one of them is my latest YouTube Poop while the other is a vlog to all my subscribers and friends on YouTube.

My videos are here:



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